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She said she had pixlexia.  But in 'virtuality', she was just an outcast. 

A heavily text-based game based from 'Wreck-it Ralph', in Vanellope's perspective. Just like dating games, without dating. And less portraits.

Install instructions

Just download the file and hope tumblr is not down. I kept the images there. 


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Lol, The Vanellope's Visual Novel, the story from the first Wreck-It Ralph movie in text game. And you know what? Before you arrived, I made a handful of Wreck-It Ralph fangames for PC (Wreck-It Ralph unity, Vanellope Sweet Adventures, Sugar Rush Superraceway, etc.), you can see them and try them in the link of their respective jam: https://itch.io/jam/wreck-it-ralph-game-jam/entries

And they don't necessarily have to follow the story of the movies to make a game based on Wreck-It Ralph, it's much better to make a real and playable reconstruction of the games inside (as Fix-It Felix Jr. from the original or Pancake & Milkshake from Ralph Breaks the Internet).